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Digital Inverter

Digital Inverter


Digital Inverter - MAK Series
Range: 650VA to 2500VA

Su-Kam digital inverter ensures

  • Higher end Micro-Controller based design
  • Surface Mount technology for PCB cards
  • Fuzzy Logic Control - a unique and advanced technology that protects the Battery, reduces frequency of water topping and enhances Battery life
  • User selectable heavy duty charger option that charges the battery 40% faster than as compared to ordinary models
  • High surge handling capability (up to 300%)
  • Cold start capable
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Overload and short circuit protection with auto reset
  • Battery pole reversal protection
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • User-friendly graphical display with audible alerts
  • Space saver - ideal for modern day households
  • Option of castor wheel mounted trolley for easy movement
  • Future upgradation capability through digital flash memory
  • Patented technology


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