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Online UPS

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Solar Charger Controllers
12V-48V Series Regulator Common Negative
96V-240V Series Regulator Common Positive
96V-240V Series Regulator Common Nagative
12V/3Amp-10Amp Solar Photovoltaic Charger Controllers
Solar Charge controller is equipped with world's latest technology Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Fully protected against lightning, transient over voltage and reverse current flow.
Silent , Solid state Pulse Width Modulation (PWM Charging ) process with three stage control, temperature compensated set points and auto/manual equalization.
Protection against various parameters
  • Solar /battery reverse polarity.
  • Reverse current flow battery to solar array during night
  • Over charging current and short circuit.
  • Output over voltage
  • Excessive temperature of heat sink
Salient Features
  • Intelligent microprocessor control
  • Silent, solid state pulse Width Modulation (PWM Charging) process
  • User selectable configuration 12Vor 24V or 48 V configuration
  • Test point allows precise adjustment of settings
  • Electronic over current protection
  • Communication interface with PC or LCD modular for data logging or parameter display
  • Protection against various parameters

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